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Who We Are

Wargaming UK is a fresh new branch of the almighty Wargaming conglomerate, home to a great deal of passion and love for video games. Our team is rich with experience from all around the world, and the strive to deliver something the whole world can enjoy. It’s our purpose to ensure whilst you make history with us, you have the best possible time doing so.

The Hollywood of Video Games

There’s a plethora of history that comes with Guildford, not the least of which is its association with video games. A monumental hub of game developers, who often host various game jams, charity events, and regular pub meetups. Our office is located right in the heart of the town, and a short walk from the central train station.

Something for Everyone

Guildford is chock-full of activities and entertainment for all kinds of personalities - this includes the kind of booming night-life that’s expected from a University town, a state-of-the-art cinema, a bowling alley, an ice rink, dozens of pubs and restaurants, comedy clubs, luscious parks, a mini golf course, and much, much more.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Office culture is important to us - every single person at Wargaming UK is a hardworking and key member of the team, but letting your hair down once in a while is the secret to a happy work life. Our parties are legendary, from karaoke to rock climbing, we know how to have fun. And when we do work, we try to make sure you love coming in each day - sprint reviews in the cinema, day trips for artistic and creative inspiration, training courses and team building for personal growth, we take care of our own.

Professional Growth

If we recognise your passion and talent for something outside of your field, you can be sure we’ll put that to good use - no-one should dictate your future but you, so if you’re interested in exploring further avenues, providing it aligns with the company’s future, we’ll do our utmost to make sure that happens. We’ve had Game Designers, Community Managers, Localisation Managers, Production Assistants, Tool Programmers and more start their careers from entirely different roles.

Bursting with Experience

There’s a wealth of experience at Wargaming UK - from people who were creating games in the era of the early console generations, all the way to young and fresh talent ensuring everything is grounded and relevant to modern and future generations. People who have pioneered tons of AAA titles, all the way to passionate indie developers. If you’re looking for a diverse and experienced bunch, look no further.

Office Heroes

Marios Kleanthous

  • IT Manager
  • Nicosia
  • Cyprus

Before the permanent move, I had the pleasure of working with the Guildford Studio for a few weeks. During this time, I fell in love with this beautiful town (it's like something from a fairy tale) and got to know the team and their culture. The easiest decision I ever made was leaving Cyprus in order to join the team in Guildford.

Paul Barnett

  • Creative Director
  • Lancashire
  • UK

At Wargaming UK I am empowered, given clear goals, and have irritating obstacles removed so I can think, plan, dream and deliver. Wargaming saved my game making soul; I love that we make games that aim to be legendary and are then given the backing to make it happen. I love that the people who own Wargaming believe in games, gamers, game makers and the power of games that will last a lifetime.

Jay Ranki

  • Development Director
  • Helsinki
  • Finland

Moving to Guildford was a very big change for me, but so far, it’s been one for the better. People in this town are very welcoming, there’s lots to do in the area, and it’s a conveniently quick train journey away from London.

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If this sounds like a place you want to be, and a company you want to make history with, Guildford is waiting for you.

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